The Jungle is the ideal spot for a wild and unique birthday event. With our extraordinary adventure facility, and our customizable party packages, The Jungle takes the stress and mess out of the party hosting process - leaving you free to enjoy this special day with your child! please note that since The Jungle specializes in providing the ultimate Birthday Experience self-serve walk-in parties are not permitted. 

Our Birthday Safaris are an Adventure of fun that only The Jungle can provide. We recognize the importance of this day and will provide everything you need to ensure a memorable experience for you and your child.

Your child is the top monkey in The Jungle birthday celebration. We make sure your child receives the extra attention they deserve with special place at the head of the table.

The Jungle offers a variety parts rooms, each decorated in the Jungle theme, Choose from four different party packages: Jungle, Expedition, Mookie and Arcade Safari; all include a private Birthday Hostess, Jungle Play, pizza, Tokens and more.

For an even wilder and more exotic birthday experience, throw your child an overnight party at the Jungle.